J & M

J & M provides administration services for homeowners and housing corporations in urban areas. These services include the processing of daily payments, the administration of annual meetings and the maintenance of the managed apartments. J & M is in possession of an AFM licence for mediation in insurance and banking matters for their associations.

J & M is active in the higher technical and administrative management segment for owners ‘ associations.

Year 2011
Status Former
Website www.vvebeheer.net


The market for professional VvE management is highly fragmented and players are regionally oriented. Our strategy focused on the autonomous growth of the business and expanding the work area through targeted acquisitions. In addition, we broadened the product range further, including offering additional services such as insurance.


A new CEO has been appointed immediately after the investment. Since our collaboration, the ambitious management team has greatly improved the operation of the organisation and further professionalised the workforce. This makes the company more scalable and allows acquisitions to be integrated more easily.


J & M has been able to realise several acquisitions with which the company has accelerated growth. Ultimately, the company was sold to the management team.