About us

Committed Capital is a private equity investment firm. We partner with experienced entrepreneurs to help them reach the full potential of their business by scaling up their strategic, commercial, operational and execution capabilities.

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Our values




Money is a

Committed Capital strikes a balance between making a material strategic contribution and providing operational & financial support.

Reinald Snik, CEO

Case study
Carerix logo


Carerix is the European market leader in the field of secondment and recruitment software solutions.

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Together with Committed Capital, we have been able to build a Champions League management team.

Robin Weesie, Founder

robin weesie, creative group

Case study

Creative Group

Creative Group is an international platform for the exchange of digital values (calling credit, entertainment products, game credits and prepaid payment cards).

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Committed Capital invests in sustainable growth and development, with a keen eye for the people who have to realise this.

Robbert Bakker, Managing director

Case study


DataExpert is the most important knowledge and technology partner in the field of (cyber) crime prevention and data security, with a leading position in both the government and corporate sectors.

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Every change is an improvement.

Paul Holtmann, Founder

paul holtman, oprichter feyo

Case study
FEYO Medical

FYEO Medical

FYEO Medical is the Benelux market leader in refractive surgery (implant lenses and laser eye surgery).

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Committed gives confidence to the employees and has helped to create a new, driven culture within the company.

Lim Olsthoorn, Managing director

Lim Olshoorn, Civas opleidingen

Case study
civas opleidingen

Civas opleidingen

Civas Opleidingen is a provider of remote education in the field of coaching, nutrition and personal development.

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Who we’ve partnered with

All the companies we meet face their own specific challenges. Our approach is characterised by a focus on building winning teams, followed by enablement of the business, by professionalising the organisation and creating growth by developing and executing strategic plans together.