About us

Founded in 2008, Committed Capital is a private equity investment firm. We invest in Dutch SMEs, with proven business models, which are strongly competitive and are highly ambitious to grow. We deliver added value by building winning teams that drive the further development, and future expansion, of their companies. During our holding period, the company is able to focus on its core business, while we provide organisational support. This is the way we create sustainable growth together.

Our values


We help entrepreneurs realise the full potential of what they have built

We bring entrepreneurial mindset, combined with laser-focused execution

We focus on growth

We are determined and resilient, and have the scars to prove it


We have the courage to commit

We are self-aware and learn from our mistakes

We find balance and enjoy what we do

We continuously improve our skills and capabilities in the pursuit of excellence


We communicate with honesty and openness

We do the right thing for the entrepreneur

We respect the trust that entrepreneurs and investors place in us

We are agile and make informed decisions

Money is a

We understand the value of money

We invest in people who create value

We design and create the conditions for people to succeed

We build long-term value

Our value drivers

We invest in companies that, like us, believe in the strength of their people. We take the human dimension, the existing strengths of the company, and use our knowledge and experience to create the conditions for optimal performance.



At the time of the transaction we analyse the organization, the market and the growth opportunities. Together we draw up the long-term strategy. We ensure that the strategy is converted into a practicable plan with a clear operational agenda. We provide significant value at a strategic and operational level with the objective of resolving the constraints that limit the growth of the company.



The main success factor of companies is the quality of their human capital. With that in mind, we provide a winning team and help to crystalize a clear organizational structure based on future growth. A clear long-term strategy combined with a winning team is the foundation for growth.



Committed Capital has deep experience in scaling up businesses with between €1 – €4m EBITDA to €5 – €10m EBITDA. The main value driver for this is the operational growth. Our enterprising approach is characteristic; with the willingness and the enthusiasm to seize (market) opportunities.