On: 4 April 2024 In: Team

On 2 April, Mark Hendriks joined us as Portfolio Manager. In this capacity, he will deal with the professionalisation...

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On: 1 February 2024 In: Acquisitions

Zak Habgood, Founder and CEO of Cipher10: “Since 2020, ID-ware has been our closest and most important partner, we’ve...

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On: 30 January 2024 In: Team

We are very pleased to announce that Vincent Steur has been promoted to Partner effective January 1, 2024! Starting...

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On: 27 November 2023 In: Acquisitions, Events

We are highly motivated throughout the year and work hard to get the best out of our own team...

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On: 14 November 2023 In: Acquisitions

Yellowgrape, the Amsterdam-based e-commerce agency known for its innovative and customer-focusedapproach, announces two major milestones that mark their ambition...

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On: 30 October 2023 In: Team

Our team has once again expanded with the arrival of a new colleague! We are very pleased that Antal...

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On: 12 June 2023 In: Events

We have been in our beautiful, new office building for a year now and we thought that was a...

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On: 26 May 2023 In: Team

We are very happy that our team expanded with a new colleague! Niels is an entrepreneurial type. As a...

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On: 3 April 2023 In: Team

We are happy with our new colleague! Jonathan has joined the Committed team in the position of analyst Jonathan...

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On: 28 March 2023 In: Events

On Friday, March 24, we at Committed Capital in Amsterdam had the honor of hosting an enjoyable lunch with...

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