On: 14 November 2023 In: Acquisitions

Yellowgrape, the Amsterdam-based e-commerce agency known for its innovative and customer-focused
approach, announces two major milestones that mark their ambition in the e-commerce sector. In early 2024, Yellowgrape will open an office in Berlin, strengthening its position in the European market, specifically the DACH region. In addition, Committed Capital has acquired a stake in Yellowgrape, further shaping its buy & build strategy. With both milestones, Yellowgrape is taking another step towards their Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG).

According to management, the opening of an office in Berlin is a big step toward the BHAG, to
become the most coveted e-commerce agency in Western Europe while prioritizing the team. “We are determined to continue surprising our clients in the coming years with our full-service approach, continuing to achieve their e-commerce goals” said the management of Yellowgrape, consisting of Johan Smits, Rik van den Wijngaard & Gijsje Wissenburg.

The first German colleague has already stepped on board on November 1, 2023, and the company is looking forward to serving serving the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) even better. Yellowgrape
has helped numerous renowned brands grow in the German-speaking countries, including XXL Nutrition, PME Legend, Ventilation Shop, Europarcs, Cavall Napoli and many others.

Gijsje Wissenburg, People & Culture Director, emphasizes the importance of the team: “Our team is the
driving force behind our success. We are excited to further expand our talent and create new opportunities for our employees. This is an exciting and at the same time challenging timefor Yellowgrape and our growing team.”

In addition to this international expansion, Yellowgrape has opted for a buy & build strategy in
cooperation with Committed Capital, an investor in fast-growing and progressive SMEs. The approach is aimed at both strengthening the foundation and further shaping expansion within Western Europe. “Yellowgrape and Committed Capital share the same vision and core values, which makes the partnership even stronger,” said Sijbrand van der Mast, Investment Manager at Committed Capital.

For the past 9 years, Yellowgrape has always been able to grow independently by delivering excellent work and commitment to clients, in good times and not so good times. Growth has never been a goal in itself, but rather a natural consequence of delivering great work with the right mindset. For Yellowgrape, growth serves as a means to create opportunities for employees and customers as well as for entrepreneurs.

The choice of buy & build strategy reflects Yellowgrape’s identity and is indicative of the agency’s idiosyncratic approach. With its expansion into Berlin and its collaboration with Committed Capital, Yellowgrape is on track to realize its BHAG and establish itself as the most coveted e-commerce agency in Western Europe.