DataExpert is a knowledge and technology partner in the field of (cyber) crime prevention and data security, with a leading position in both the governmental- and business sectors. DataExpert supports its customers with a mix of expertise, innovative software, training and support.

DataExpert provides products and services to combat (computer) crime, fraud, incident response and incident management for both the governmental and business sectors.

Year 2012
Status realised


The starting point of the strategy is the continuous development and expansion of the added value services to both customers and suppliers. This has made DataExpert the knowledge and technology partner in the field of crime control and data security.


Immediately after accession as a shareholder, the succession plan for the founder was started. At the same time, the management team was further strengthened and the organisation grew, with the emphasis on delivering added value to its customers and business partners.


Significant growth was achieved in the amount of cyber security solutions. Additionally, the knowledge-sharing activities were strengthened through the acquisition of DiEx and the company expanded its activities throughout Europe. We successfully sold DataExpert in 2019.

Committed Capital invests in sustainable development and growth, with a keen eye for the people who have to realise this.

Robbert Bakker, Managing director

robbert bakker, dataexpert