Creative Group

Creative Group makes digital top-up fast, safe and simple for consumers around the world. With Rapido, CG offers a wide selection of e-vouchers from brands such as iTunes, Google, Spotify, Xbox and PlayStation. With Recharge, CG started a remittance business that provides a service to immigrants for cross-border remittances of call and data credits. Its solutions combine highly scalable, proprietary-based technology platforms with distribution power through online marketing.

Creative Group is an international platform for the exchange of digital values (credit, entertainment products, game credits and prepaid payment cards).

Year 2015
Status current


The strategic process was aimed at expanding the product portfolio and further expanding into new countries. The challenges for Creative Group were the highly competitive market, the professionalisation & consolidation of the value chain and the strengthening of its IT / data platform. All of these have been integrated into Creative Group’s long-term strategy.


Fundamental to future growth was the succession plan for the two founders and the recruitment of a new professional management team. After the investment in May 2015, a new CEO was appointed and a professional management team was set up. The ambitious management team has contributed strongly to the growth process of Creative Group.


The focus for future growth of Creative Group was further internationalisation and expansion of the Recharge label. To accelerate the growth, we attracted external growth capital in 2019. Since our collaboration, significant revenue growth and growth of the organisation has been realised.

The successful collaboration with Committed Capital is based on a shared vision. Committed, with a focus on building high performance teams and achieving sustainable growth.

Günther Vogelpoel, CEO

Günther Vogelpoel, Creative Group

Together with Committed Capital we have been able to build a Champions League management team, which enabled us to conquer the world with Creative Group.

Robin Weesie, Founder

robin weesie, creative group