On: 1 March 2023 In: Acquisitions

Wehlton will become part of Blim Group, strengthening its position in the retail channel. DIB Zonwering and Wehlton will join forces, for an even more powerful and complete organization. ”We are moving forward together to offer even better products and take service to an even higher level,” said Etienne Heemskerk, director of Wehlton and now also director for both brands. ”We use each other’s network and expertise and therefore strengthen each other.”

The more than 1,000 sales outlets, which the Wehlton/DIB combination has in the Netherlands and Belgium, can count on even better expertise, according to Etienne. ”The advantages are huge; a larger office service that will ensure even better accessibility and a field service including 6 area managers who are ready to answer all questions. Of course an expansion of the collections with the extensive Shutter collection available for DIB partners and the competitively priced Dibli and plissé collection together with the screens for the Wehlton partners. And much more!”

On the practical front, the new partnership means that Wehlton and DIB Zonwering employees will jointly move into new premises in Obdam on April 1, 2023. ”Since we are already regional colleagues with a similar culture, the step to go together is a small one. We will soon move into our new location together at de Braken 16 in Obdam in order to continue to serve our partners optimally.” ”In consultation with the customer we are going to refine our strength more, like polishing a rough diamond. This year we are going to focus more on this trinity: Wehlton/DIB – partner – consumer. We are busy building our new showroom and training room where we will soon be able to host our partners for training in Shutters, Domotics, Screens, Plisse’s and Dibli’s,” Etienne concludes.