Sabern offers consultancy services and software products within the domain of Marketing Resource Management. They offer a software tool that links the marketer, the marketing process and associated marketing technology, thus increasing the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. The Sabern software optimizes communication by means of digital and mobile channels. In addition, this optimisation protects the business identity of the company in question. The software of Sabern is based primarily on Adobe InDesign software.

Sabern is a provider of Consultancy and Software solutions in Marketing Resource Management.

Year 2009
Status Former


Immediately after investment, focus was on the ‘ web-to-print ‘ market and the development and market introduction of Brandifyer. The investment strategy then focused on reducing dependence on the DGA and setting up a professional development organisation with its own IP.


A management team was formed, after which the DGA stepped down in 2013 and was succeeded by a new CEO. The ambitious team has made changes to the strategy and business model.


Sabern has immediately started developing its own IP, making the organization less dependent on major consultancy projects with a significant project risk. In this way, the profitability of the company remained on the arrow, despite the changed market conditions and the joining of major competitors.