Marbami is a wholesaler in fashion products. The free European Movement of goods and services makes it possible for Marbami to locate and sell A-label brands to retailers who cannot buy these products directly from local retailers. The power of Marbami is in its strong in-and sales network in the European Union that allows the company to source and produce fashion products on a large scale at low cost.

Marbami is a wholesaler in a-brand clothing.

Year 2012
Status Former


The succession of the owners was fundamental to the growth strategy. We worked with the management team to further expand the customer and supplier base in addition to doing a number of acquisitions.


As part of the transaction, new management was installed and key persons in the organization joined as a shareholder. The previous owners remained shareholders and have supported management in commerce and sourcing.


Due to disappointing market conditions and the drop-out of an important customer, the growth strategy did not come into effect. The consequence of this was that after a few years the company was sold back to the previous owners.