GoconnectIT develops and sells innovative software solutions and project management services for the cable and piping industry. The company supports long-term projects and developed multiple specialised software products for data registration of underground pipes and cables. GoconnectIT is the market leader in the Netherlands with the largest share of long-term contracts with national construction companies and regional authorities.

GoconnectIT is the market Leader in SaaS software solutions for the market in underground cables and piping.

Year 2009
Status Former
Website www.goconnectit.nl


The development of a traditional project management company to an innovative software and service company is the first challenge in the strategic process. In addition, the development of the software was outsourced to a professional party, which greatly increased the quality and go-to-market speed. Finally, we had a strong focus on international expansion.


Essential for the transition to a software and service company was strengthening the management team and succession of the current two owners. A professional management team was formed immediately after the investment in 2009. Partly thanks to a significant share in the company, management was driven to shape the transition and growth of GoconncectIT.


The transition from a project management company to a software company has been successful, resulting in more stable and recurring turnover. Since the collaboration, a strong turnover (2x) and EBITDA (2x) growth has been realised. All this has resulted in a successful sale of GoconnectIT to Main Capital Partners in 2017.