CleanProfs is the Dutch market leader in the field of waste container hygiene. CleanProfs specializes in periodic container cleaning on a subscription basis, where GFT, residual, plastic and DUO waste containers are cleaned daily from several logistic service points. CleanProfs is an innovative and sustainable company: The cleanings are performed by self-developed cleaning vehicles that clean using high pressure and thus without the use of chemicals.

Cleanprofs specialises in periodic, sustainable, cleaning of waste containers on a subscription basis, both B2C and B2B.

Year 2019
Status Current


CleanProfs has grown into the largest container cleaning company in the Netherlands, through organic growth and acquisitions of (customer portfolios of) competitors. The strategy focuses both on preserving and strengthening the leading position in the home market as well as exploring new markets.


In order to realise the ambitious growth objectives, strengthening of the management team was necessary. Together with the founder, we focused on the creation of a team with both strong commercial and strong operational capacities.


The goal was to greatly increase turnover and profitability. The starting point of the strategy is targeted customer acquisition, strategic acquisitions and further development of commercial propositions for both consumers and the business market.