Carthago ICT

Carthago ICT offers IT consultancy services specialised in Java and Net-Frameworks. In addition, Carthago ICT operates as a partner in customer-oriented projects in which it specialises in tailor-made software. Carthago ICT is mainly active in the east and the middle of the Netherlands.

Carthago ICT, tailor-made software developer and software consultancy for the business and government market.

Year 2010
Status Former


The practical first steps in the strategic process are the expansion of customer-oriented projects and the increase in turnover. The latter was realised by focusing on expanding the maintenance contracts of software systems. In addition, the strategy focuses on broadening the field of expertise and minimising staff turnover.


The follow-up of the current owner and the installation of a new professional management team were essential for future growth and a clear organisational structure. Immediately after the investment in 2010, an ambitious management team, that stimulated the further growth process, was formed.


The focus for the future growth of Carthago ICT were non-operational projects, including the expansion of the Carthago ICT network. The increase in customer-oriented projects and regional expansion, since the collaboration with Committed Capital, resulted in a strong turnover- and EBITDA growth.