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Amsterdam, September 2019 – Committed Capital acquires a stake in CleanProfs, the market leader in the field of sustainable container cleaning and sanitation in the Netherlands. Committed Capital will support the company´s founder Saïd Ayat, who will remain a shareholder, in further professionalising and growing the company both in the Netherlands and abroad. CleanProfs is based in Wateringen and employs approximately 70 FTEs.

CleanProfs offers periodic cleaning of waste containers on a subscription bases, mainly to households and SMEs. Containers are cleaned monthly on the same day as these are emptied by the municipality. Instead of using harmful chemicals, the company employs patented and sustainable cleaning vehicles that use high-pressure water jets and biodegradable extracts from lemon and pine. The waste water is cleaned on site by means of a filtering system and the company can therefore perform 150 cleaning operations per day. CleanProfs offers full coverage of the Netherlands from seven logistics centres. Data is vital to the company´s daily operation, which is highly automated thanks to in-house developed software. A good example of this automation is the company´s ability to determine, in real-time, the most efficient cleaning routes.

Albert van der Wal, partner at Committed Capital: “Container cleaning is a latent need for many Dutch households. After all, cleaning ones waste container can be time-consuming and unpleasant. There is a large and unanswered demand for this kind of service, which we want to provide with CleanProfs. We are impressed by CleanProfs´ growth in recent years and we see ample opportunities for the organisation to develop further.”

Saïd Ayat, founder of CleanProfs: “CleanProfs has developed into a professional organisation with more than 70 employees specialising in sustainable container cleaning. Committed Capital brings us the expertise and the network required to grow further. I look forward to entering the next phase together with Committed Capital.”

In the coming years, CleanProfs will invest in customer acquisition (organic and through buy & build), international expansion, and the further development of the business proposition. In the short term, new management will be recruited to support Committed Capital and the founder in achieving their growth ambitions. 

About CleanProfs

CleanProfs is the Dutch specialist in container cleaning and sanitation. Using its own natural spring water, CleanProfs washes GFT, Residual, and DUO waste containers, without the need for chemicals. This unique process has been developed by our own innovation lab and guarantees environmentally friendly, efficient, and competitive subscriptions. CleanProfs provides around 12.000 cleaning operations per day from seven logistics service points.