Civas Opleidingen

Civas is a specialist in the development and teaching of distance education. With a focus on nutrition, coaching and personal growth, Civas helps her customers get the most out of themselves. Civas distinguishes itself in the market by a personal and accessible approach.

Civas Opleidingen is a provider of distance learning in the field of coaching, nutrition and personal development.

Year 2017
Status Current


The strategic process is first and foremost aimed at professionalising and optimising the process of developing content. Next, we want to increase the share of eLearning and build up an international presence in Flanders and Germany.


Immediately after the transaction, Committed Capital started to strengthen the team under the founder. As a result, the core tasks of the company have been assigned to the experts. Subsequently the founder was phased out by a professional general manager.


With the company’s scalable business model and the opportunities in other countries, Civas’ plans include multiple channels for growth.

Committed gives confidence to employees and has helped build a new, ambitious culture within the company.

Lim Olsthoorn, General manager