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Paris/Rotterdam, April 2018 – Committed Capital has sold its SaaS software company Carerix to PIXID, market leader in France in the field of Workforce Management solutions. The acquisition of the Dutch market leader in CRM and ATS systems strengthens PIXID’s expertise, service offering and added value in the recruitment, staffing and temporary employment sector.

Collaboration between Carerix and PIXID

The acquisition of Carerix means that, in addition to the existing activities in France, the United Kingdom (through the acquisition of The Internet Corporation in 2017) and Germany, PIXID is extending its footprint to the Benelux region. The Carerix brand name will continue to exist as both the PIXID and Carerix products and markets are complementary. The current management of Carerix and the head office will remain operational at the Cornerstone Business Park Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Scale advantage for customers Carerix and PIXID

Carerix provides flexible, online recruitment software for recruitment, staffing and temporary employment organisations and for corporate recruiters. Carerix currently serves more than 10,000 users in 17 countries on a daily basis. Customer names include: Randstad, Adecco, Manpower, DPA and T-Groep. In addition, Carerix is used by many smaller recruitment & selection and staffing organisations.

By combining the ATS and CRM functions of Carerix with the VMS capacity of PIXID, the strategy is further expanded to bring together the entire process between candidate/freelancers, intermediaries and corporate organisations. The current European market focus and market approach will be maintained for Carerix, as well as the cooperation in and the expansion of the partner network. In the medium term, the cooperation between Carerix and PIXID will lead to product synergies that will be of added value for both client groups.

In France, one in four temporary positions is currently being filled using PIXID’s own technology. This knowledge and expertise will be linked to that of Carerix. Consequently, the acquisition of Carerix is fully in line with PIXID’s strategy. In addition to the French broadcasting market, the acquisition of Carerix will make it possible to extend the reputation of the digital platform for managing flexible workers throughout Europe.

Partner strategy Carerix

Another important reason why PIXID acquired Carerix is that Carerix has a multi-level partner program aimed at creating a strong ecosystem with specific leading partner solutions fully integrated into the Carerix platform. This fits seamlessly with the PIXID approach to enable customers to manage their (temporary) employees efficiently via a simple, scalable and cost-effective platform.

In 2017, PIXID GROUP achieved solid growth of 23% and expects consolidated sales of around €26 million in 2018, a third of which will be generated outside France. PIXID is used by more than 90% of the staffing market in France and has two million employees registered in its database.

Etienne Colella, President at PIXID SAS: “Since 2004, we have continued to grow to the point where we now represent a significant part of the temporary staff market in France. But our ambitions are much greater, so we are now adding the Benelux to the existing home markets in France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Each country has its own specific characteristics and we have deliberately looked for the right partner with a strong market share and a dynamic innovation strategy – characteristics that are perfectly suited to Carerix. The acquisition is the first phase of our introduction into this new, mature HR region. We are convinced that our combined solutions will make an important contribution to helping those recruiting and placing temporary workers to renew their way of working and achieve efficiency.”

Reinald Slik, CEO at Carerix: “As with PIXID, our goal is to expand our horizons internationally. Carerix is currently present in many European countries. Being part of the PIXID Group offers us economies of scale to realize these ambitions faster and to further expand our product portfolio. The acquisition is a mutual benefit for both parties, with the starting point being to serve our customers and partners even better. The cooperation also offers the opportunity to expand into new markets in Europe. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our former shareholder Committed Capital, who has actively supported Carerix in its growth strategy in recent years and has helped to further professionalize the company. We have worked together in a very pleasant way and I wish Committed Capital every success in its further investment activities.”

Wai Ki Chiu, Managing Partner at Committed Capital:“During our holding period, Carerix has been successfully internationalised and professionalised. Together with Reinald and the ambitious management, the jointly formulated strategy was successfully implemented, resulting in a strongly growing international SaaS company. We thank Reinald and his team for the successful and pleasant cooperation and we are convinced that the cooperation with Pixid will be successful. Finally, we are grateful to Florin Finance for the realization of this great transaction”.


PIXID, founded in 2004, is the leading VMS in France that offers a complete SAAS application for the provision and deployment of temporary staff. The PIXID platform enables both SMEs and large companies to manage their temporary staff efficiently through a simple, scalable and cost-effective platform. More than 100,000 customer locations work together daily on this platform to capture and manage recruiter, supplier and employment contracts. It also ensures that companies can comply with the latest employment regulations. Currently, the company handles 4,000,000 contracts per year. Innovation is at the heart of PIXID’s services.

In its home market in France, PIXID works closely with the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and has established working relationships with the main professional associations for temporary employment agencies in the United Kingdom and Germany. for more information: www.pixid.fr/en en follow @PIXID_Group

About Carerix

Carerix is a supplier of recruitment and secondment solutions that facilitate corporate recruiters and intermediaries to achieve the best possible match. The solutions are hosted in the form of a SaaS model and delivered via secure data centres. Carerix was founded in 2004 and currently has more than 70 employees and more than 720 clients including (operating companies of) Randstad, USG, Adecco, DPA, Manpower and specialised intermediaries in the ICT, oil & gas, finance and service industries. Carerix serves more than 10,000 users daily, spread over 17 countries and works together with various strategic partners. In addition to the head office at the Cornerstone Business Park Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Carerix also has a development location in Kiev. For more information: www.carerix.com

About Committed Capital

Founded in 2008, Committed Capital is a private equity investment firm. Committed Capital invests in Dutch SMEs, with proven business models, which are strongly competitive and are highly ambitious to grow. Committed Capital delivers added value by building winning teams that drive the further development, and future expansion, of their companies.